Grandfather Thinks Kurt Cobain Was Murdered

Kurt Cobain’s grandfather, 80-year-old Leland Cobain, was treating Monday as just another day, claiming he was “over it pretty well, now.” Then again, maybe that’s because Leland doesn’t think the frontman took his own life ten years ago. “I think he was murdered, yeah,” says the elder Cobain during an interview with the Calgary Sun. He’s not ready to accuse Kurt’s then-wife though. “I have no idea who done it, but I think the cops in Seattle really goofed up,” he says. “I can’t understand how he could have that much dope in him and still lift a shotgun. And I can’t understand how come his jaws weren’t all broke up and everything from the concussion when it went off and why (the gun) was still on his chest — it should have jumped clear off his chest.” Read more.

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