Graham Coxon Strikes Out At Shallow & Humorless ‘Blunty’

Former Blue guitarist is lashing out at James Blunt in an interview with BBC News. “Blunty? There’s no humor in his music and doesn’t seem to be much depth,” Coxon sneered. “It’s the sort of thing you’d write on a card if you were sending flowers. He’s not very angry and perhaps too together. That’s what a lot of people require for a quick lift. My record is about the ugly drives of human beings, particularly men. There are situations on the album that are so pathetic that they have to rely on humor. Perhaps Blunty is healthier than me. I find that straight, sincere talk embarrassing. He might be great chatting up a girl. I’m not. There’s a loser element to what I write about. I’d love to get married and live in a cottage, but there has to be a bit more to it than that, doesn’t there?” Read more.

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