Good Charlotte Hopes Kids Relate To Their Music

Beat magazine spoke with Benji Madden of and asked him what the main goal within their music was. “I think we really write songs for kids that are like we are. You know, we’re kind of a working class band and we hope that people just relate,” Benji said. “I know one of my main goals is for the kids that are not accepted at school and the kids that have a rough time. Like when I was in school, I thought there was something wrong with me or something, but it’s not the case. It’s just that people can be assholes and in three years high school’s going to be over and then those kids aren’t going to matter. When you get older your problems will seem a lot smaller. Maybe it’s something to get them through the day – I’d like to be the band those kids put into their headphones on the way to school to make it through the day.”

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