Gomez Come Together On ‘How We Operate’

singer/guitarist Tom Gray sees the band’s latest effort ‘How We Operate’ as something of a return to form for he and his four bandmates, with the memories of difficult recording sessions for their previous recording sessions now firmly behind them. “The last record we kind of made it in different rooms from each other, a bit like The Beatles’ ‘White Album’,” Gray said. “This one was definitely ‘Abbey Road’! We definitely didn’t have our heads 100 percent in the band thinking about the record we were making. For a while there, it was hard for people in the band to put themselves geographically in the right place at the same time, let alone mentally in the same place. With this record it was about really coming back together and making sure everyone was involved in everything, so that nobody could feel like it wasn’t in some part their record.” The article at timeoff.com.au has since been removed.

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