Goldfinger’s Feldmann Looks To A Production Future

Keith Carman of Chart magazine chatted with ’s John Feldmann and asked him about his production work, where he’s becoming known as the hot producer thanks to work on albums like The Used’s debut.
“The older I get and with a wife and eventual family, I don’t think we’ll tour like we did in past years,” he explained. “I can’t stay in the studio all year, but I won’t go out as much. Maybe like NOFX where they do the Warped Tour every other year and that’s about it. Playing shows is great but the other 23 hours is hell, so I’d rather be in the studio doing something productive. I just love that aspect of putting things together like a puzzle or something. You start from scratch and you put together this great big collage of instruments or something like that. It’s awesome.” has since removed the article.

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