Goldfinger Far Enough Along For A Best Of Album

drummer Dangerous Darrin Pfeiffer spoke with Melanie Sheridan of Australia’s Beat magazine and spoke about the band currently recording their Best Of album. Asked if it has it really been long enough to warrant such an audacious move, Pfeiffer responded, “Yep! It’s gotten to the point where we were like ‘oh my god, we’ve put out how many records [it’s actually five, not including the live ‘Foot In Mouth’ album or the Covers EP ‘Darrin’s Coconut Ass’, or the numerous singles they’ve had on fratty soundtracks from ‘The Waterboy’ to ‘American Pie’]. Well I guess we can make one. It’s kinda like a milestone of sorts. So anyway, we’re working on that right now, and we’re trying to figure out what songs are best to go on the record, because you’ve got four different guys with four different opinions, and then you’ve got the record label. So we’re trying to figure out what songs best represent us as a Best Of record. But I think it’s gonna be fun, and it’s gonna be cool.”

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