Godsmack Getting Along Better Than Ever

Aaron M. Fontana of Entertainment Today spoke with guitarist Tony Rambola and bass player Robbie Merrill where Rambola was asked if the group expected a big breakup in the near future. “Actually, we get along better now than we ever have,” he said. “We lived in a house together for five fu**ing months without killing each other. Not once did anyone have a problem with anyone, if you can believe that. We were happy. We were down there and everyone got into their little routines, and then we’d do our music thing at a certain time everyday. We’d play one until 7 (p.m), 8 (p.m.) at night, and that was our routine everyday. We’d go out to dinner afterwards or go home — whatever you wanted to do. From there, we kind of went to our rooms, maybe hung out a little bit. But most of the time, we would like go off and just keep to ourselves for a little while and have some alone time. We were doing it six, seven days a week, so it was pretty relentless.” Ent-today.com has since shut down.

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