Godsmack Frontman Remembers Layne Staley

MTV News spoke with singer Sully Erna who’s band has found it’s inspiration from Alice In Chains and the vocals of Layne Staley. Erna took news of Staley’s death hard, though he admits he wasn’t surprised, “It’s sad to say, but it was almost expected for so long. He disappeared. He hadn’t been part of the scene. Everybody knew he was hounding for drugs for so long. It wasn’t as shocking as it normally would’ve been, maybe if it had happened five or 10 years ago, … but it was pretty upsetting to me. It’s just finalizing it. It’s the actual reality of when you put on , you go, ‘Wow, this dude is dead. He’s no longer with us.’ It’s pretty spooky.” Erna adds, “He was single-handedly the guy that got me to start singing. To this day, I’ve never really heard a cooler singer. Alice in Chains was the coolest thing to come out since Aerosmith in the early ’70s.” Read more.

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