God’s Hand Involved In Stryper Reunion Tour

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet recently spoke to Glam-Metal.com about the band’s decision to reunite this fall for their first nationwide performance junket in more than 12 years. Asked about his alleged statement when he left the band in 1992 that he would eventually rejoin Stryper when it was the right time, Sweet said, “I don’t ever recall saying that I would rejoin the band, I do remember saying that the only way that it would happen is if I felt beyond the shadow of a doubt, 100% that God was saying go, do it again. Other wise I would not, I would just keep doing my solo thing or whatever else. I just really felt that this was the right time because the way that everything fell into place, there were things that really shouldn’t have worked out and did, everyone’s paths aligned, which is difficult to do when you have four guys living separate lives. You know that I’m on the East coast and they’re on the West coast. It just worked out, the label was behind it, and the money was there. Everything just fell into place, so I really believe in it because I feel that God’s hand was involved in it.” Read more.

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