Glassjaw Has To At Least Be Business-Conscious

Andrew Lentz of LA Weekly chatted with Glassjaw frontman Daryl Palumbo, who says the band could tap a third source of anguish and get several albums’ worth of songs out of their hellish experiences with the music industry. “When we started this band, we didn’t make demos or try to get signed or anything,” says Palumbo. “We were total hardcore kids, but now I feel like we know way more than half these clowns do. Some big programmer at whatever station will sit there and jock me just because I look 15. I’ve already been through this, so I love it when label people suck my di**. I mean, I hate to think of my band as a business, but at this point we have to at least be business-conscious and not get cheated like we did.” has since removed the article.

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