Getting Sick Delayed Bret Michaels’ New CD ‘Custom Built’

sounded off on life, love and his new CD ‘Custom Built’ in an interview with CNN’s Denise Quan. Asked about when he had time to do the record, given his medical situation, touring and ‘The Apprentice’, the Poison frontman said, “The new album, ‘Custom Built’, we started working on long before I got sick. The album was originally supposed to come out in March or April, and then I got sick. Not only does it have a bunch of brand-new, original material — it also has my song, ‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn’. I did a real rootsy, kind of cool version of that on here, and then I redid a Sublime song called ‘What I Got’. Its lyrics are relevant in my life: ‘Love is what I got, so remember that.'” Watch the interview via below.

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