Geoff Tate’s Past Haunts Daughter

Jason Ferguson of Orlando Weekly spoke with frontman Geoff Tate who shared a funny story about the band’s glam days. “That’s one thing I’ve gone through a lot of: different and interesting haircuts,” laughs Tate. “One section of the [Experience Music Project; Paul Allen’s rock museum in Seattle] is dedicated to Queensryche. My oldest daughter is 13 and she went with her school on a field trip to the museum. I got home a little after she did that day, and my wife said ‘You need to go talk to Miranda. She’s really upset.’

“I go upstairs to her room and she’s sitting on her bed with her head in her hands. ‘Honey, what’s wrong? Did you have a bad day at school?’ And she says, ‘Well, we went to the museum and all my friends from school were there and we walked into this one area and there’s a giant film screen and there you are on the screen … and you’re singing … and … and … and you’re wearing tights. Why’d you have to wear tights?'”

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