Geoff Tate Comments On Working With Pamela Moore & Dio

vocalist Geoff Tate spoke with Time Off magazine about the band’s collaborations with Pamela Moore of Sister Mary and Ronnie James Dio on their latest album, ‘Operation: Mindcrime II’. “I was looking for a way to show how Nikki was experiencing the psychological drama that had a direct link to his past,” Tate said, referring to the central character in the album story’s plot. “It’s that inner voice that I thought would be interesting to be the voice of Sister Mary. I spoke to Moore about the role I had in my mind with Sister Mary, and she really liked the idea too. She helped with a lot of input in regards to what Sister Mary would say to Nikki. Moore is always up for singing and performing. I think it really worked out well. As for Dio, I wanted a really good singer and somebody that has an authoritarian sounding voice for Dr X, and I immediately thought of Dio. He was my first and only choice, really.” The article at has since been removed.

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