Gene Simmons To Be Guest Judge On ‘American Idol’

KISS bassist/vocalist has posted the following message on his web site:

“A few days ago, the band signed some lithos that will be available at KissWorld in the near future. You can always click here to find out what happening there.

”When the KISS tour ends in Mexico City on the 17th, I’ll be heading to New York City to film NBC’s ‘Third Watch’. This will be my third episode. This is a quality show, by the way. Check it out. I watch it faithfully every week.”

“On December the 3rd, The Friars of Beverly Hills will be holding a (…o’boy…can’t wait to get reamed on this one) Gene Simmons Roast. Yep. And, there will be celebs there who will, in the usual grand style, be drilling me a second butt hole. I probably deserve it. There will be a Friars journal full of ads and stories. A big chunk of the monies will go to Pediatric Aids. More news soon.

“I am also finalizing a British television series (6 episodes) I will be hosting. We will shoot in early October. More news on this later.

“And, I’ll be the fourth judge on ‘American Idol’ September 4th and 5th in New Orleans. But, in case you think that means you turn on your television sets then, don’t. That simply means on those days we shoot. Broadcast dates are announced later.

“We are very close to finally seeing a KISS cartoon series. I’ve been trying to do this for over a decade. Paperwork has begun. We will see if this actually pans out. I’ve been to this dance many times in the past…even to the point of having signed contracts. As with most things, it’s very difficult to actually make things happen. Talk is cheap, but from all indications, it looks good.

“My cartoon show, ‘My Dad The Rock Star’ (currently enjoying its second year around the world…it’s a bona fide HIT) may soon be coming to America…finally. Talking with a network today. We’ll see.”

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