Gene Simmons’ ‘Speaking In Tongues’ CD Out Now

KISS bassist/vocalist has posted the following message on his web site:

“Proud to report the ‘Speaking In Tongues’ audio CD is now in stores. I went into the studio and put together a CD you can play in your car. It also includes some new material.”

“For those of you who tuned in late, the ‘Speaking’ DVD/CD was recorded during my Australian lecture tour about two years ago. I have a big mouth and I’m not shy about expressing myself. I realized early on in my life that the way I thought, the values I held dear and the decisions I made for myself, especially as regards my happiness, seemed to fly in the face of what was commonly accepted. I would find interviewers open mouthed when I would utter phrases like ‘I love money.’ They would respond with ‘..what do you mean by that?’ I never thought twice about it. I thought everyone loved money,.. but apparently a lot of people have a problem admitting it. I always wondered why.

“So, in the DVD and the CD, I go into some of the fantasies we have all deluded ourselves with. How about ‘Money is the root of all evil.’ Which is nonsense and we all know it. LACK of money is the root of all evil.

“When was the last time a millionaire walked into a 7/11 and said ‘Put your hands up and give me $14.95!!!’

“I also have very clear (apparently biologically sound) notions about the difference between man and woman. The male of the species, we are told, manufactures billions of sperm daily. The female of the species only makes one or two eggs PER MONTH/per cycle. The only problem females and males have with each other can be summed up with the following: The female of the species has convinced herself that all those billions of sperm are only for her.

“Can’t we have a few hundred million to play around with? Now I ask you. Is that too much to ask for?”

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