Gene Simmons Posts General Update

KISS bassist/vocalist has posted the following message
on the band’s official web site:

“I’ve been up to my neck with activity in Australia — where, after the
KISS dates, I flew into Sydney for three days of interviews for my solo
album, ‘Asshole’… sixty interviews in all!!! I DO love the sound of my
own voice, but after the tenth interview, I could almost hear myself saying,
‘Shut up.'”

“During that time, Rina Ferris, my PR person there, introduced me to
a new Aussie recording artist I immediately took to. I went down to the
recording studio where she was working and we connected. She is charismatic,
talented and quite stunning. Unfortunately, and for the moment, her name
will be kept out of this site until the legal machinery can clear up some
legalities… and then, and with great fanfare, we will introduce her to

“She has got ‘it.’

“I also met with some people in Sydney about a prospective Aussie edition
of Gene Simmons Tongue… which, as you know by know, is on hiatus. I am
simply too busy with all the other activities to do the magazine right.

“Allen Tuller and I are proud of our first five issues, which can be
viewed at the upper left hand corner of this page. Allen is off on vacation.
The Sterling MacFadden publishing entity has been sold. However, I still
own GS Tongue.

“BAG, our first signing to Simmons Records/Sanctuary Music Group is
busy working on new material for his debut release. Very exciting stuff.
Wait and see.

” ‘Asshole’ will be released on June the 8th in North America. It has
already come out in selected markets. Norway debuted first, apparently.
It entered at number 22. You will soon be seeing the debut video for the
first single, ‘Firestarter’. Lest anyone think this is a signal of anything
new in my life, it is not. I’m simply having a bit of fun with my image
— and with the beautiful girls in the video. What else?

“Our Chinese real estate developments are progressing very nicely. These
are billion dollar deals we are talking about. And, I’m proud to say I’m
a part of it.

“Our new television cable network will soon be launching. Cannot at
this time mention the name of the entity, nor give much detail. But soon
enough, you will be hearing about this big event. Everywhere.

“Our Korean DVD/CD manufacturing plant purchase is progressing as well.
Papers to be signed shortly. Again, cannot be more specific about details
just yet.

“Our motion picture company is very close to being fully funded. We
have already met with other producers and directors, searching for our
first product. More details later.

“Miss Shannon Tweed’s book is finally done. You will be surprised by
her no-holds-barred directness. I have to say, I am proud of her. She gives
a good kick in the pants to a lot of girls out there, who live a fantasy
life. She is more grounded than almost anyone I’ve ever met. She also happens
to be gorgeous and that doesn’t hurt much, either.

“Our new boxing venture (yes, you read it right) is about to be launched.
It will include the most prominent and respected names in boxing. More
news as it develops.

“And, I am proud to be a member of a group, that also happens to be
my favorite group: KISS. We have a lineup that can play anything, at any
time… at the drop of a hat. No moaning. No complaints. No self-abuse.
No excuses. Everyone sings in pitch. Everyone plays in time. It rocks.
And, Paul Stanley? The best I’ve ever seen him. We have a ball every night.

“Doubt me? Ask the fans who have seen and heard: ‘God Gave Rock and
Roll To You’, ‘Unholy’, ‘Parasite’, ‘C’mon and Love Me’, ‘Got To Choose’,
‘All The Way’, ‘Love Her All I Can’, ‘Goin’ Blind’ and lots more. We’ve
done a sold out Australian and Japanese Tour (almost done — two more to
go)…. and America is next. We’d love to see you.”

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