Gene Simmons Discusses First Job & The Fortune Of Doing What He Loves

Kiss mastermind offered some straight answers to Artisan News Service in regards to his humility and money issues in light of starring in NBC’s ‘The Apprentice’. “The first job I had was cleaning fat off of a butcher’s block. I had to take this thing that looked like a mop and get the fat off. Then of course I’d have to go down to the basement, which was rat infested and bring up sides of beef. It was a pretty rotten job, but you know what, at the end of the week I really appreciated the money. That money, I earned, and I felt proud. It wasn’t a craft, it wasn’t something I had to learn, but I had pride in the labor, and the work I had done. So I appreciated the money.”

Simmons added that he understands he’s lucky to have a job he loves to do. “This notion that you have to have passion and you have to love what you’re doing is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard,” Simmons said. “Most of the people on the planet don’t have that advantage. They have to go to work at jobs they hate, they’d be lucky to have a job. The rest of us who happened to do what we love doing, that’s a privilege and a blessing. But the notion you have to love what you’re doing is nonsense. Just work and get paid, that’s enough of a value.” Watch the interview at YouTube.

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