Gene Simmons Backs ‘Cowboy’ Bush

KISS bassist/vocalist tells The Mirror that when it comes to the Iraq situation, he is right behind President Bush. “I prefer John Kerry’s environment policy. I support his policies on women. I prefer the separation of church and state. I don’t like a lot of these ethical points of view that George Bush has,” Simmons said. “But do I want Kerry as President of the United States? No. Bush is a mongrel. He is a cowboy. He can’t even pronounce the word ‘nuclear’. But this is the worst enemy terrorists have. And that is precisely the guy you want in charge. When the world is going nuts you want a guy who is nuttier than them. I want a rabid hawk. I want a warlord. Wait until a guy walks down the street with a suitcase with a dirty bomb. Then you won’t think your Prime Minister is such a bad guy. As soon as everything is back to normal and we’ve got peace I want to get George Bush out and get someone who is reasonable.”

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