Gene Simmons: ‘Asshole’ Sounds Like Me, That’s Who I Am

Shane Moritz of Australia’s Beat magazine spoke with … or at least listened to him talk uninterrupted about his new solo effort ‘Asshole’. Simmons explained the title saying: “I didn’t think about a title at all until after I heard the record and this one song ‘Asshole’, ‘how does it feel to be a real asshole/ I’m an asshole too, just like you’, struck me as a chord worth hitting. You’re not going to not remember the name of the album, so that’s one reason the name of the album is Asshole. Another reason is that it happens to be a pretty damn good song. Asshole happens to be a song on the record I did not write. It was written by a guy named Frank from Norway. I receive thousands of CDs from my label and I didn’t find anything, but I did find one song that I found curious. Asshole. So I bought the song and stuck it on the record and after I played it back I said ‘you know what? This sounds like me. That’s who I am.’ Gene Simmons is an asshole, perhaps the biggest one in the world. Gene Simmons has too many girls and has too much money. He’s a real asshole.”

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