Gavin Rossdale Updates Fans

Bush frontman checked in with fans on the band’s official website on Thursday (August 28). Gavin writes, “I’m back in L.A. now and having seen the press for the last couple of days, I can tell you freely what I am working on. The reason that I keep this stuff private and cryptic is because you never know how stuff is gonna turn out and I do not need an omelette all over my face but since it has become public knowledge (how!!!????)
I will fill you all in….”

“I have been working with/produced by Page Hamilton who is the seminal founder member of Helmet. As I had written before I have been working on material in London and I went in with him as an experiment with three new songs (the press even knew that!!) and they turned out pretty good and we will continue. I have to finish them next week, or rather the week after as first I do a few days on a film called ‘The Little Black Book’ with Brittany Murphy. The film is all about her (she’s excellent) and we literally are like strangers on a train and we have a couple of scenes together. I am really looking forward to it. The cast includes the amazing Holly Hunter and the spectacular Kathy Bates so it will be like diving in the deep, deep water but that’s the best way huh!!

“I hope to be making my record this year in the months to come. but I need to get back home and see [my dog] Winston who is waiting and waiting for me. I have been in contact with [BUSH bandmates] Dave and Robin and would like to contact Nigel once I’m home. I miss them all plenty. Don’t get me wrong. Those guys are my brothers even if I have not seen them for a while.”

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