Gavin Rossdale Talks To Craig Kilborn

of Bush talked to Craig Kilborn after the band played ‘The People That We Love’. Read on for a transcript from the brief interview.

Craig: Look who it is.

[Cheers and applause] Craig: So, great job. Nice to meet you.

>> Thankou. Nice to be here. Craig: It’s called “golden state.” Is it
after california?

>> We made the record. We finished it in california and driving out
here I see the golden state freeway so I thought it waaa great name. I
never heard of that. Craig: And you guys have been together 10 years?

>> Something like that. Craig: How do you do that? How do you stay together?

>> We’re really good at ignoring each other. Craig: Yes.

>> No, we’re good friends. It’s important. Craig: No fighting?

>> Plenty of fighting. It’s like a family and it’s dysfunctional and
sometimes you don’t get on, but it’s normal. Craig: Tell them where you’re

>> I’m from kilborn in london. Craig: That’s true. I’ve heard this have
place. I’ve been to london, but this is outside of london.

>> It’s in central london, north london. Craig: That’s what i said.

>> Exactly. Half-hour. The best thing is there’s a song on this record
where there’s a line in it i think I’m the only person that got two places
together because I’ve got kilborn and california in the same line so you
got to check it out. Craig: I’m running now with this.

>> I’m serious about that. Craig: Is this about me? Do you like me?

>> It’s all about you. Craig: Are you touring?

>> We’re doing a promo to set the record up. We are doing some — we’re
doing a signing on monday night at virgin records so if anyone wants to
come down. Craig: Here on sunset?

>> Right, because we’re doing a show at the roxy and then we’re doing
another signing. We’re doing about four shows across america so like most
english bands we’re just doing an itsy bitsy tour and a massive when in
february. Craig: Do you like touring or is it too much work?

>> The days are pretty dull, but the two hours on stage are worth it.
Craig: And then the 30 minutes afterwards when you wind down?

>> They’re great. Craig: Nice to meet you, man.

>> Nice to be here. Thanks a lot

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