Gavin Rossdale Talks Bush Guitarist Switch

According to, Bush frontman addressed the guitarist change with the band that has founding member and guitarist Nigel Pulsford leaving the group to be replaced by Chris Traynor, who had been touring with the group while Pulsford was on leave for the birth of his child. Rossdale wrote on his journal (though it doesn’t currently appear on the site?), “It was everything to have Nigel in the band. He brought me so much. He brought us all so much. What a superb guitar player. I will always be deeply connected and grateful to him…We have had no arguments, no falling out[s], no loss of respect–just perhaps a common goal.”

As for Traynor, Rossdale wrote, “He has done so much for us out here [touring the U.S.]. Nigel could not tour–imagine if we had to wait for ages to find the right guy? Chris actually slipped in real easy, and he’s so easy-going. It’s always been no problem. It’s crazy really.”

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