Gavin Rossdale Previews Institute

MTV News caught up with to get the latest on his new band . “I didn’t want to do a softer record than Bush, because I thought that would be maybe more expected,” Rossdale said of the new project. “I thought what would be cooler would be to do something a little bit heavier, a little stronger. I wanted to make a more forceful record.” The new group is made up of former Helmet / Orange 9mm guitarist Chris Traynor; bassist Cache “Utah Slim” Tolman, formerly of Civ, Rival Schools and exploratory jazz metalloids Iceburn; and drummer Charlie Walker (Chamberlain, Split Lip). Institute’s tentatively self-titled album is slated for an early fall release with the first single, ‘Bulletproof Skin’, expected at radio later this summer. Read more.

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