Gavin Rossdale Addresses Nigel Departure

Bush frontman broke his silence yesterday following the departure of guitarist Nigel Pulsford. Gavin writes, “I have been waiting to speak to Nigel. Obviously, we need to talk, because of that I have not been able to write in the journal as I was waiting for more info. Also, it is essential that we maintain the integrity (me and Nigel)that we have enjoyed for years. We have achieved momentous things. It would be wrong to betray that. The idea that I fired him six days after the birth of his son is wrong and untrue. I wrote him a letter. I opened the can of worms and quite simply he evaporated. But yes, I did write the letter. It was not sudden, by his own admission he had been unsure of his desire to continue. Over the years, that becomes less helpful.”

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