Gary Cherone Saw The Writing On The Van Halen Wall spoke with Tribe of Judah frontman Gary Cherone, who of course was asked about his short stint as ’s vocalist. Asked if he quit or was booted when he left the group, Cherone said, “I would say it was mutual. It didn’t happen overnight… it was a span over six months… and the band sensed my frustration (smiles), and it was… you know, time, though I didn’t know what Tribe Of Judah was at the time, I was writing a lot of this stuff… and I was… off, you know, lyrically I’m off… being in Van Halen (laughs)… and that’s where I was… and they sensed my frustration…. you know, we had a couple of meetings, and Eddie was — always was — great to me, and it was just time. We wrote some good stuff after the tour… but, ah…you know, it was — just…the writing was on the wall.” Check out the entire interview here.

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