Garbage Drummer Peeing On Hands

Butch Vig posted an update on his Heptatitis A condition on .com, the drummer’s official website. The Garbage drummer says, “I really, really wish I was out playing right now, cuz I’m starting to feel normal. It’s very frustrating, and I’m starting to climb the walls here, but my Doctor says no work until after Thanksgiving. The only exercise I’m allowed is picking up my drumsticks a few times a day to keep my hands in shape, as I was just starting to get them road worthy.

“Speaking of road worthy, when we last played in Lisbon, I had some killer blisters after the show because of the extreme heat, and Dave Grohl told me that if you pee on your hands in the shower, they heal really fast. He said Madonna told him (yeah, right)! Well, I tried it (I’ll try anything once) and to be honest, they did seem to heal a little faster. Needless to say, I did not engage in a long term scientific study….

“I’m gaining weight back…almost up to 163. My diet consists of mostly veggie meals with lots of protein shakes, carrot juice, and green tea, which starts to get boring so I gotta figure out ways to keep it interesting. ”

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