Gallagher Apologizes For Previous Oasis Aussie Tour

Cameron Adams of the Herald Sun spoke with Noel Gallagher of who is apologizing for the band’s previous tour in Australian in 1998. Gallagher admits, “Yeah, we were rotten every night we played. It was awful. When we started to draw a plan of action for this year I said, ‘We’ve got to go back to Australia’, and everyone was like, ‘Why? We didn’t have a good time last time’. And I said, ‘We have to go back, if that’s the only time we ever go, it cannot be left like that’. We’ve got unfinished business. I have to say in our defense it was the end of a nine-month world tour and I think everyone was verging on alcoholism. There were a lot of drugs about, I was nearly 13kg overweight. But you live and learn.”

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