Fyfe Dangerfield Releases ‘Fly Yellow Moon’

Fyfe Dangerfield, founding member and frontman of the UK band , released his first solo album, ‘Fly Yellow Moon’ through Downtown Records on Tuesday (May 18). The album was recorded at Urchin Studios in the UK, at the same building where Fyfe recorded the first Guillemots EP.

The album features songs accompanied by strings, guitars, piano, and even auto tone. “Some songs stayed completely acoustic and bare, while others quickly transformed into something quite differed, helped hugely by two fantastic drummer friends of mine – Matt Ingram and Jamie Morrison – who happened to be around and both sprinkled non-literal gold-dust wherever they might beat,” Fyfe said. “We had such fun, and about half the album we ended up with is mixes that we took home in that first week. The songs didn’t seem to need any more polishing – we tried once or twice and it was like adding butter to cornflakes. So we took off the butter and let them be.”

In support of Fly Yellow Moon Fyfe will tour the US for select dates including intimate shows at Joe’s Pub in NYC on May 19th and Hotel Café in Los Angeles on May 26th. Listen to songs from the CD below.