Funeral For A Friend Exit Atlantic And Regain Freedom

drummer Ryan Richards spoke with Australia’s Time Off magazine about the group’s decision to sever ties with Atlantic Records in 2007, frustrated by red tape and not owning their music, while realizing that there were new ways to get their music out to the public without the need for a label. “Regaining total freedom with every aspect of the record and not having to run ideas through a bunch of people at the label before we could act on them were the main things for us,” Richards explained. “When we were writing songs, the label was always wanting to have their input about whether a song should or shouldn’t be on the record, which song should be a single and whether a video gets produced or not, and you know, all that interference just gets to you after awhile.” Funeral For A Friend released their fourth album ‘Memory and Humanity’ independently in the UK via their Join Us label, partnering with Victory Records in the US and Canada, and Roadrunner Records in the rest of the world.

The full story at has since been removed.

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