Froberg Compares Hot Snakes Two Albums

Hot Snakes vocalist and guitarist Rick Froberg spoke with about how the group has changed on their sophomore album. “‘Automatic Midnight’ was done quickly. ‘Suicide Invoice’ was done quickly too, but there were just more people involved from the get-go than there were on the first one. There’s lots of tracks on it, too,” says Froberg. “There’s a lot less tracking going on. There’s pretty much John’s guitar and my guitar with the occasional overdub, a few other things here and there. The first song has the most stuff, but ‘Suicide Invoice’ is pretty stripped down compared to the first record. There are a lot of overdubs on that first record, like layers and layers of guitar tracks to make it sound big. That didn’t happen on this new one. We just used two guitars, and we were aiming for a more stripped down, direct sound.”

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