Fred Durst’s Limp Bizkit Diary Updates

’s Fred Durst posted two updates on the band’s offical site news page. Fred talked Tuesday about how happy he is to be alive right now and while the new world is full of uncertainty, we have each other. On Thursday, Fred talked about his phone call from U2’s Bono, where Durst sounded totally star-struck by the singer. Fred says, “its crazy for me to get calls at my home from ‘bono from U2′. its like, “hello…..’hello fred, its bono’..(holy sh**) ‘hey bono, did you like the track?’….’its so real!! i hope you like what i did in the bridge’….(he hopes i like what he did?)’im sure its off the hook’..(he then plays me his vocals over the phone)..’oh my God bono, its absolutely perfect'”

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