Fred Durst’s Album Update

frontman Fred Durst posted the following message on the band’s official web site under the heading “People Are Dumb”: “The album is so fu**ing heavy it hurts. I have found my favorite Limp Bizkit album and you have never heard it. You will notice in the pictures that some of us have these beards growing mad. Well, a few of us made a deal to not shave until the album is finished. So far Sam [Rivers, bass] and I are the guys who stuck through it. Everyone else has done it before or just got flat out sick of it and shaved. Something about being isolated in the woods and dealing with the demons makes me want to throw away all the daily rituals of an ordinarily groomed lifestyle. It feels crazy at the same time helps bring out the grizzly madman lurking in the dark corners of my soul. Basically, we don’t give sh** what anyone thinks and I truly believe that is very healthy. Thanksgiving is creeping up here in the States and all I want to do is make molten metal. The holidays are not registering on my radar these days. The anticipation is growing and the album is written and being tracked as I type. Yes, all the songs have been written. We stepped into this environment and went at it non-stop and found ourselves lying in the middle of a warfield of tracks. From beginning to end it is relentless. Too much information is too much, but I figured you were curious. I’ll be back.”

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