Fred Durst Stoked ‘Eat You Alive’ Made TRL List

frontman Fred Durst posted a new message on the band’s official website. Fred says, “Well holy schmoly looks like we made TRL today at number 9. Fu**ing sweet!! I’m stoked that MTV let a little bit of dirt into the cleanliness of their ‘hit’ videos! You people made it happen. It’s poking out like a sore thumb. ‘Eat You Alive’ is so raw, sexual, and animal like. I like that!! its just a little sample of the movie I’m gonna direct this winter. Nothing like a sick psychological thriller for the new year. Anyway.”

“I got a new dog for my birthday today. he’s an English bulldog, of course, and I named him Remedy. He’s like my cure for lonliness at the crib and on the run. He’s so damn cute and has an amazing personality. He’s white and tan, and he snores like a motherfu**er. Love that!! Man, I love animals. If you feel the urge then go to a pet rescue and adopt an animal. It’s a wonderful thing.”

“I’m out. Talk to you soon. Hopefully we’ll be doing some time on TRL so you can peep the video some more. Fred.”

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