Fred Durst Reacts To ‘Just Drop Dead’ Reaction

Fred Durst was apparently not pleased with idea that ’s new song ‘Just Drop Dead’ was about Britney Spears. He posted on the band’s official website Thursday: “Wow is the word. Amazing how much sh** leaking a song can stir up. Especially a song that comes from the gut. I went on and couldn’t believe how many sissy’s have issues with my music. And I can’t believe how many people assume ‘Just Drop Dead’ is about someone they know. It makes me chuckle, chuckle, uh, chuckle. And how cool is the media? Our friend or foe? It would be absurd to leak a lil somethin’ somethin’ to our fans before our new album comes out now wouldn’t it? What the fu** are we thinking? Am I out of my fu**ing mind? How could I do such a naughty thing. Bad Fred.”

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