Fred Durst Promises To Shut Up About Britney Spears

frontman Fred Durst looks like he’s finally going to keep quiet about whatever relationship he had with Britney Spears. Durst posted on the band’s official website: “Enough already about the ‘Fred and Britney’ thing. I’m gonna do my best to put it behind me. Let’s talk about music why dont we? Let’s talk about ‘Bipolar’ coming out MAY 13. Let’s talk about how it’s gonna fu** you up when you hear it. Let’s talk about how ill the tour this summer is gonna be. Let’s talk about MASSIVE ATTACKS new album ‘100th Window’ because it is amazing. Let’s talk about how radio is dead. Let’s talk about making the world a safe place. Let’s talk about breakdancing. Let’s talk about skateboarding. Let’s talk about the lack of heavy rock in the world. The talk about the lack of substance in our daily routines. Let’s talk about any motherfu**ing thing besides you know who anymore. What do you say? Scared? Well the word is out and echoeing around the world. I am close friends with Larry who manages our princess and he, Britney, and I have agreed to shut it up. So there. That is the word. If you hear anything else it’s probably bullsh**! On that note, I love you and kiss my ass!! P.S. I am having a lot of fun in the chat with you everyday. Thank you for sticking around. ‘Bipolar’ is worth the wait and this I can personally guarantee! See you in there tonight!”

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