Fred Durst Posts Update

frontman Fred Durst posted a new message on the band’s official site Friday revealing news on the band in the studio and plans to sign a couple new bands from the demos they received during their guitarist search tour. No doubt Fred’s haters will have a field day with his references to having to go eat. Read on for his message.

“I’m back!! Like it or not. I’m so happy to be hooked up to the net right now. Actually being able to go into the chat!!!!!! Lets move forward. we are so excited to bring several of the people we jammed with on the tour back to LA to see what could possibly become of it. You just never know. I am sure that this will be our best album yet. You’ll see.

“Anyway, what the fu** is up!!!!!!!!! I’m back in smeLA getting a dope DSL connection. Man did I miss that. We are set up in Lethal’s studio and jamming already. The vibe is incredible. We are exploding at the seems with emotional creativity, it’s on!!!!!! I actually am signing 2 or 3 bands from the talent search, and I’m not even done listening to the demos yet, pahleeze bahleeve!! You people have so much confidence in yourselves that I am blown away. That is so great!! If you dont believe, then no one will. Lets move forward and have a dope fu**ing year!!

“I have so much to tell you but I have to go eat before it gets too late. I really thank you all, from the bottom to the top of my heart to the top of my heart, for being there for us during a time when we need your unconditional support. Once again, it’s on!! Watch out California Chicken Cafe here I come!!”

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