Fred Durst Pitches ‘Results May Vary’

frontman Fred Durst announced the final name of the band’s forthcoming album on the band’s official website on Wednesday (August 20). He writes, “Hey there. It’s my birthday and I say fu** it! It’s time to put this damn album out already! I hate waiting! The artwork is cool. I worked on it at home and shot the photography myself with my brother Cory. The album title is ‘Results May Vary’. Like a prescription drug, each persons reaction to the ingredients will be different. So with our new album, each individual will have their own reaction and RESULTS MAY VARY! Get it? Of course you do. The album has been prescribed by Dr. Tyler Durden. And it a dosage for Mr/Mrs absolutely everyone. You should listen once daily and it may cause emotional reactions. Results may vary. And so on.”

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