Fred Durst Has Someone Special By His Side

frontman Fred Durst is again sounding love-struck after filming ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ with the married Halle Berry, though doesn’t name names to MTV News. “Something has happened to me recently and I’m really at a different place,” he divulged. “I believe life is just one big journey of love, and love has two sides to it. There’s ups and downs, and I just feel something really positive has happened to me. I feel like my life is starting over. Someone has come into my life that I really feel like, for once in my life, that I really, really bond with like I’ve never bonded with anybody. And it’s making my creative process and my ambition and drive and everything just very positive. And it’s very overwhelming for me.” According to Berry’s rep, the actress is still happily married to Eric Benet. “They are acquaintances, I don’t know if they are good friends,” the rep added. Read more.

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