Fred Durst Goes Off After Negative Guitar Search Posting

Following the widely distributed posting of a person that tried out for the guitar center search that slammed the group for its copyright release, frontman Fred Durst went into a profanity laced tirade on the band’s official website. Durst wrote, “All these fu**ing ‘he said – she said’ bullsh** rumors about what’s going on with the guitar search are horsesh**. Anyone who is mad about their experience trying out for limp bizkit at guitar center simply and plainly 100% sucked!!” As for the copyright waivers, he said, “People who are auditioning are asked to sign a release so their images and likenesses can be used in any documentary that limp bizkit would like to make (mtv, website, etc) in no way whatsoever would limp bizkit ever steal or take anything (music, riffs) from anyone on this planet!! And remember the only person who watches a thief is a thief. We did not record any of the preauditions. Not one.”

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