Fred Durst Forgives Wes Borland

Fred Durst posted the following message Monday (August 16) on his own personal web blog, dubbed American Alien: “Sometimes you have to find a place inside of you that lets you forgive. Without forgiveness we will hold on to poisons that will eventually ruin our souls. These poisons build up and rot inside of our minds creating dark clouds that become harder and harder to remove. Just recently I have learned to forgive in ways that I never thought possible. I’m not saying that there is no one on my life that I haven’t forgiven because I can think fo several that remain a disturbing aggravating memory in my everyday thoughts, but over all I have stepped up to a new level. When [returning guitarist] Wes [Borland] and I forgave each other for the negative things we were holding on to we both found ourselves closer than ever before, something I thought to never happen. And not just this particular person. I have forgiven many people who I swore I never would and I actually feel like a better person because of it.”

“Just a little food for thought that we have all tasted before. I wanted to get it off my brain. Headed to a lunch meeting. Later.”

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