Fred Durst & Esther Nazarov To Marry In July

Fred Durst & Esther Nazarov To Marry In July

As Fred Durst readies a comeback, the frontman is also preparing to marry Esther Nazarov soon. The 38-year-old writes on his Twitter page:

I am the happiest man alive!! I’m so excited for our wedding!! I’ve never known true love until now. So grateful.

Great news – I’m getting married to Esther in July!!!! It’s on!! Break out the bubbley!!

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2 thoughts on “Fred Durst & Esther Nazarov To Marry In July

  1. Dave says:

    Little does anyone know that Esther Nazarov was previously best friends with the mother of Fred’s son Dallas and basically fu**ed over her friend (Jennifer Thayer) when she decided to be with him… she only uses people and a MAJOR star fu**er (her previous husband was a NHL player) and bet if they end up getting married they will be divorced within a year…

  2. boinko says:

    Good call Dave. Didn’t last six months.

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