Fred Durst Encourages Productive And Positive Tweets

Fred Durst poses with an Obama cutout

Fred Durst checked in with his Twitter followers (@freddurst) recently, talking about wanting to be productive and positive on the micro blogging service. The frontman, who got some two dimensional face time with President Obama, writes:

Let’s build. There us a lot of power in this energy we put into our twitter thoughts. Let’s so something positive with it, together. Really.

We’re the misfits. The ones they count out. The ones they can’t hear, but rely on in too many ways. Let’s really make a difference, why not.

We are all the best at what we do, you and I. I know I am. I have passion for what I believe in. Always have. Always will & I’m down w you.

I’m no preacher, nor do I appreciate being preached at, but I’m ready to be productive with YOU. Why else have this connection?? Let’s build

Let’s riff and focus on what it is we want this to be. Yeah, Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit is what brought us here, but let’s go beyond that!

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