Fred Durst Critical Of Spanish Music Journalist

frontman Fred Durst has posted the following message on the band’s official web site:

“This morning, as I was spending time with my son Dallas in a park, I had a series of phone interviews to do in preparation for our upcoming European tour. One of them was with Jordi Meya, from Rock Sound magazine (supposedly the biggest alternative music magazine in Spain). It not only amazes me that this guy was picked to interview me, but that he is a journalist for one of the most popular music magazines in Europe. Jordi’s first question was about my perspective of 2003, and whether it was positive or negative. Afterwards I told him how excited I was to be coming to Spain and looked forward to playing for the fans there. He then had the wits to remind me, ‘People here are still pissed about you guys cancelling the show here a couple years ago.’ Apparently, Jordi wanted to make an issue about something that happened a long time ago rather than just focus on what’s happening now and what to look forward to. The event he was referring to was the ‘FestiMad’ show, which was a large festival style concert in Spain that we had to cancel for safety reasons. Jordi was implying that we let fans down by not performing. If he’d done his homework, he’d know that we didn’t cancel the show to hurt the fans, we did it to protect them. Our own crew worked hard until the 11th hour trying to provide a safe barricade and environment after the festival producers neglected to do so. We’re not in the business of putting innocent people’s lives at risk. I told him I am just a human being and if there’s still people claiming to be pissed about something that happened a couple years ago, then they need to stay home and not waste our time.

“Continuing with his flow of charisma, Jordi then mentioned, ‘You have a knack for pissing people off, why is that?’ It’s ignorant statements like these that don’t help anybody. What is this guy trying to get at? He’s got 20 minutes to ask or talk about anything he wants in order to generate some positive energy but instead all he wants to do is focus on a half empty glass. I told him if he’s gonna do an interview, try asking questions that are innovative or inspiring. Pretending to be a gentleman, he began trying to ask the normal set of questions that any good journalist usually asks, but it was too late since he never intended to make something fun or productive out of it. All he had to do was be decent from the start and he would’ve gotten answers to anything he asked. He then slyly stated, ‘I’ve been taking a lot of sh** for supporting you and Limp Bizkit,’ as if he was doing us a favor. Has he ever realized that it’s journalists like him and his articles that are the reason why there’s so much unnecessary drama and bad energy to begin with? You can support us or choose not to, but just because I agreed to do an interview and we just met, doesn’t give anyone the right to insult me. How would Jordi like it if there were a million great things to be grateful for in his life and I called him just to tell him he was an asshole?

“Jordi, since you don’t have any regard for constructive or objective journalism, kiss my ass and try to be front and center at the concert next month.”

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