Fred Durst Comments On Great White Concert Tragedy

frontman Fred Durst weighed in on the tragedy in Rhode Island that saw 97 people die at a concert. “I am horrified at what happened to the innocent people who were burned to death at the Great White concert recently,” Durst said. “I feel so much sadness inside because of it. How could such a thing happen? Especially when it could have absolutely been prevented. It is so important to make any concert a safe place for fans to be. we have had our own terrible exsperience with a similar situation in Australia a while back.”

“I believe that it is our resposibility to provide you with the safest most secure conditions when you come to our concerts and I pray that every club owner, tour promoter, venue security, and band will learn from this horrible incident. I want to create some sort of benefit for the families of the ones who were lost. It feels right to get involved because I am a musician, I love music, and I love going to concerts. That could have been any of us! Fortunately it wasn’t and we can come together to help not only cause awareness to prevent anything like this again, but to help the people who are sincerely hurting from their loss.”

“If you feel the same, then please call 310-865-7671 and let the world know how you can help. This really got to me. I mean it. I am so sad. It hurts me to think of it. I can’t bare to think that I wont try to make a difference this time. Thanks for listening. We can help. I know I can. Fred.”

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