Fred Durst Comes On Howard Stern

frontman Fred Durst came in to visit the Howard Stern Show studios Monday morning to promote the bands guitar tryouts which are currently in going on in New York. Fred’s friend Steve and his wife Juliet Lewis asked to have Beetlejuice as a guest on the show and he came in pretty much naked ready to try out himself for the job. Fred insisted that the tour wasn’t a publicity stunt. As far as his thoughts on why Wes left, he said he only hears what has been in the media and that he still hasn’t talked with Wes since he left. Fred has heard he basically quit because he was just in the band for the money and wasn’t about the music. He also said Wes was never really one of the guys and had his own separate dressing room.

Fred also touched on artists he’s been having beefs with. Fred talked about how Courtney Love originally was nice to him and gave him her phone number and email, but then all of the sudden she started dissing him. He thinks that’s just the way she is. Durst talked about his battles with Scott Stapp of Creed. Howard joked about how funny looking Scott is and Fred joked about how he probably spends a lot of time staring at himself in the mirror. Fred said he’d only fight to defend himself and not for a charity. He thinks Creed makes great music, but he just isn’t a fan of Scott personally. A caller asked him about the beef with Eminem, and he talked about how Slim was made because he wanted Fred and DJ Lethal to help on a diss track against Everlast, but they said no. Fred said he was disappointed about it but that he didn’t really want to war with Eminem since he is the master of that form of music, and he kinda felt honored about being dissed by Eminem.

Fred talked about his love life and how all of these women he used to bang are now getting or are married, like Jaime Bergman and Carmen Electra. Fred hears that Carmen is pregnant by Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction. Fred says he’s still going out with Jennifer (NOT Jennifer Rovero, who Fred says is always confused with the real mother) the mother of his son Dallas and that she doesn’t let him have groupies.

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