Fred Durst Calls In To The End

frontman Fred Durst called into 107.7 the End in Seattle to preview his ‘Put Your Guitar Where Your Mouth Is’ tour stop in Seattle earlier this week. Fred talked about the specifics of the guitar search and how they don’t know what kind of guitar player they are looking for yet, either with look or sound. Fred said he’d love it if he could find the ideal future guitar player for Limp Bizkit for Seattle. Fred said there wouldn’t be any favors so bringing in gifts won’t help. Fred said you wouldn’t believe some of the guitarists from other bands wanted to try out, but he wouldn’t name them and put ’em on blast.

Fred talked about Wes and how he’s never really figured out why he left other than that he wanted his own band and his own empire. Fred says he believes everything happens for a reason and they aren’t going to sit around and they’re excited about turning over a new leave and reinvent. Fred says he hasn’t spoken to Wes since he left. Fred says he hasn’t been working with Nine Ince Nails frontman Trent Reznor but Fred says he has reached out to him to help on the new album, but he’s not sure if Trent knows that.

Fred brought up the Scott Stapp trouble and that while he’s not into charity boxing matches, he is into self defense so if the Creed frontman wants to start something, he’ll be ready. As for his own acts, Fred says he’s really proud of and he’s really surprised how much potential the guys had for longevity. Audio at has since been removed.

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