Fred Durst Breaks Britney Spears Moratorium Promise

frontman Fred Durst withdrew his promise to stop talking about Britney Spears. He posted on his official website earlier today: “Man oh man would I love to just forget this whole fu**ing thing, but I am going to have to accept that I cannot do that just yet. I’ve said enough and I feel really good with the fact that I’ve been completely honest about it all. Who really cares who I’ve had sex with? Who really cares who I fell really hard for? Who really cares that it didn’t work out and life goes on? Who really cares that being intimate with someone right after pouring your feelings out to them and having them express mutual feelings back could really hurt you when you find out the truth is that they didn’t really mean it and decided to deny it when it was no longer a secret? Who really cares about simple honest things like love and hope? I know one person who does, me so fu** you! I dont give a fu** about what anyone has to say about me being me. It’s when they try to hurt me with dishonesty. Then, for some uncontrollable reason, I am reminded that I’m human and can only feel what I’m meant to feel, hurt and pissed. Man oh man, do you media hounds just love that. Let’s see how much more they can twist things out of proportion for you innocent readers and viewers. Drama makes the world go around. When’s the last time you heard some news on something positive without judgement and opinions? Me neither. And one more thing, no one ever said we were ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’. And to spend time together in the privacy of our own lives doesn’t mean we were ever ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’. Let’s see how this one gets twisted up. I love you and kiss my ass.”

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