Fred Durst And Halle Berry Romance Hits Rough Patch

Star magazine reports Halle Berry’s rumored romance with Fred Durst hit a rough patch after the frontman phoned her in Vancouver where the actress was filming ‘Catwoman’. Apparently Durst was more interested in ogling models during LA’s Fashion Week than coming up to visit her the last weekend of October. “Everyone knew she was on the phone with Durst – just by the look on her face,” a source on the set revealed. “But she suddenly became completely upset.” After she hung up the telephone, Berry was so upset that she left the set, according to the insider.

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One thought on “Fred Durst And Halle Berry Romance Hits Rough Patch

  1. pao says:

    I didn’t even know Fred Durst and Halle Berry even dated. I really don’t see them making a cute couple at all, she is way beautiful and more conservative, and he is hot but a total grunger.

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