Founding Ratt Guitarist Robbin Crosby Dies Of AIDS

Founding guitarist Robbin Crosby succumbed to AIDS on Thursday after an eight-year battle with the disease. Crosby, who co-wrote many of the pop-metal band’s best-known songs, was 42. Former Ratt vocalist and co-founder Stephen Pearcy wrote on his official website, “Robbin was a sweet soul, great talent and he will be missed. Rest in peace.” On Ratt’s official Web site, the surviving members wrote, “Our dear friend Robbin Crosby passed away this morning. His family and close friends are asking for your respect, prayers, and appreciation.”

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4 thoughts on “Founding Ratt Guitarist Robbin Crosby Dies Of AIDS

  1. tom fowler says:

    Robin was a horrible guitar player . In fact he didn’t play a note on the album ,Out of the cellar, He thought he did , but they erased them when he wasn’t there . I ought to know I was there. at Sound City where it was recorded. He was a heroin user for years and a bum Like ***** **** a well known L.A. sound engineer and fellow junkie.

  2. Doug P says:

    Hey Tom Fowler your a dumb fu**…. Although Robin was no Lynch or Rhoads he was an ok guitar player…. You’re obviously not a guitar player, any one who plays would know them self on tape from their tone and playing style. I highly doubt you were there. So you have no idea of what went on, or who played what.

  3. michael j amchin says:

    Hello to all,I am a self taught guitar player age 53 and started when I was 7.
    I lived in L.A. in the Sherman Oaks area from 85 – 89 and back then I heard about a Ratt concert one day going on at the L.A. coliseum,Ratt and also Poison who opened the show.I jumped in my car and drove over to the concert I did not have a ticket but I managed to buy one from someone outside in the parking lot.When ratt came on they played a lot of their hit songs,and they were the loudest band I have ever heard in any rock concert.Now for all the idiots that keep bad mouthing Robbin Crosby you people really need to check yourself.I had bad seats that were way up in the arena,but as the show went on I moved down and all the way up as close as I could and Robbin Crosby was playing every song that he played on,and was hitting every note.If you buy any of the Ratt concert videos or DVD’s you will see and hear Robbin playing with no problems.There is only one incident that I have ever heard of where Robbin messed things up,and that was one of their concerts Robbin was drunk and stoned and on one of their songs Robbin had grabbed the wrong guitar for that song which had been tuned to a different tuning instead of the standard key of E in 440. naturally the whole band was pissed at him.other than that he was a great musician songwriter and guitarist.unfortunately the drugs caused him to meet up with a dirty needle which caused his Aids and sorrow, and it was a Heroin overdose that killed him and not the people need to do your research before you bad mouth someone.If you don’t believe me simply read up about it yourself.

  4. michael j amchin says:

    Hello all,I get angry when people just want to post things and bad mouth someone else with out knowing the facts first.I do apologize for the typo’s in my last response.R.I.P. Robbin Crosby he is and always will be missed by millions of people all over the world!

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