Former Korn Guitarist Gains ‘Peace, Joy’

Toledo Blade religion editor David Yonke spoke with former guitarist Brian “Head” Welch about his spiritual conversion and departure from the band. “It’s a lie, man. That’s why I wanted to get out of there,” Welch said of his departure. “There’s a lot of reasons why I left . We all look like friends on stage, or on video, like we’re jamming and playing good music. But in reality, the band was falling apart. The people hated each other… I couldn’t live like that with my friends worshipping money. I couldn’t live like that. People wanted to chase girls, they had a silent competition about finding the best girls, and who had the best party on the bus. It was childish. It broke my heart. I just love those guys, even though they think I’m crazy. I pray for them every day.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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